Liv Bridge
b. 2002, Brisbane, Australia.
Documenter, curator and Creative Director of No Order Magazine and Riot Collective.

Bachelor of Visual Arts, Queensland College of Art.

Curatorial Work
(2023) Riot Collective, Transient.
(2023) No Order Magazine, Issue 03.
(2023) Riot Collective x Brisbane Art Design Festival, (RE)Define.
(2023) Sulfur, Volume 01.
(2022) No Order Magazine, Issue 02.
(2022) Riot Collective, Dismal Reflections.
(2022) Riot Collective, Warped.
(2022) Riot Collective, Fluidity.
(2021) Riot Collective, Gender.
(2021) No Order Magazine, Issue 01.

(2024) Under Oath, Volume 01.
(2023) Sulfur, Volume 01.
(2022) Demure Magazine (SYD), Feature Article.
(2021) No Order Magazine (BRIS), Issue 01.
(2021) Gems Zine (MELB), Issue 20.
(2021) Rant Magazine (BRIS),  Feature Article.
(2021) Sunday Drawing Club (BRIS), Issue 02.
(2021) Pocket Baby Zine (BRIS), Issue 01.

(2024) Merivale Studios, South Brisbane.
(2022) Mayne Line, Brisbane.

(2023) Brisbane Art Design Festival (Riot Collective Curation).
(2022) Brisbane Street Art Festival (Within These Walls Exhibition).
(2021) Brisbane Art Design Festival (Sunday Drawing Club Exhibition).

Awards and Achievements
(2020) Creative Generation (Darling Downs South West) Regional Awards.
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